How Can Homepage Visuals Enhance Your Business Brand – Branding

How Can Homepage Visuals Enhance Your Business Brand – Branding

A user-friendly homepage is one of the key factors of every online branding strategy. While your potential leads might come to your social media pages, as well, your website is the major representative of your brand in the online environment.


 That’s why it’s vital for every entrepreneur to make their website visuals work for their brand. Simplicity and functionality should be given an advantage over some visually stunning, but confusing features. Still, your website visuals need to tell the potential customers your genuine business story. The following ideas will help you implement your homepage visuals in a user-friendly way and improve your lead generation potential.


The key elements for the positive first impression


When a visitor comes to your website, your visuals need to grasp their attention in a second or two. They’re here for a specific reason. If they don’t manage to find what they’ve come for in a jiffy, they’ll simply close your website and move on.

What you can do to prevent such an outcome is place the key visual elements that will leave a positive impression on the visitor.

Your business logo is among the first things the visitor will see, so make sure to follow modern trends if you’re planning to make a business logo these days.

Now that the visitor has received the visual branding message from the logo, they’ll probably look for the search button. Put this element in a visible place – the upper left corner or the central part of your homepage are both great options for this button.

Next, the website menu also has to be somewhere close to the search button. As a matter of fact, the logo, the search button and the navigation menu should create a single visual unit. That way, your visitors will have a chance to spot and use all three features in a few seconds.

Finally, the main image on your website will also draw your visitors’ attention. If possible, this should be your original photo, rather than a stock image. That way, this picture won’t be a mere placeholder, but it will send a genuine message for your brand. Here it’s also important to properly optimize all your images, so as to avoid long load time for your website.


Enticing additions on the homepage


The features described in the previous part have ensured that most of your visitors stay longer on your website. Since they’ve most probably found what they’ve been looking for, it’s crucial for your business to entice them into visiting other areas of your website.

For instance, you can put together a digital catalogue of your products and place it on your website. Further, your business experiences can be shared with them in the form of an e-book. Further, a curious visitor interested in your brand might want to know a little bit more about your business. This is where the About Us section comes on stage. It needs to contain the main points of your business vision, as well as your business story. In a nutshell, creating an authentic About Us section will do more for your business than following any existing templates. Let this part talk about your business in a natural and original way.

You can round off the homepage and its visuals with a properly organized footer. Different businesses put different features here. What you’ll include in the footer section will depend on the type of your business and your communication preferences. For instance, some website owners add a contact section to the main elements on the top of the homepage, while others leave it in the footer. You’ll know best what will be more helpful for your customers.


Make motion pictures speak for you


Your homepage visual dream team will be incomplete if you leave out promotional videos from this roster.

By adding motion pictures to your website, you’ll be able to send a strong marketing message in a few minutes’ time. Still, posting too long a video to your homepage could be counterproductive. That’s why you should make a concise, yet effective clip.

As for the elements you’re going to include in it, there are several different options. Bear in mind that you want to show your potential customers the parts of your business brand that are relevant to them. For instance, this promotional video could be a combo of some in-house scenes and your participation in business events.

If possible, ask some of your clients to speak in that video. Sharing their first-hand customer experience via a video on your website would be invaluable for your future business branding.

Additionally, some of your employees can also share their thoughts in this promo clip.

The final cut will depend on your business preferences and the goals you want to achieve with that video.

Those business pros who have never done anything similar might learn some hacks from this Forbes guide on making a marketing video

Also, once the video has been finished and uploaded to your homepage, share it on your social media profiles, as well as in your newsletters.


Put a price tag on your services


The worst thing you can do on a business website is not being frank with the costs of your services. It will not only push the visitors away from your website, but it will also damage your reputation.

Therefore, the pricing section should be one of the elements of your homepage.

When your visitors come to this part, they need to be able to quickly find out the information they’re interested in. Some business owners opt for simple vertical blocks containing price details and packages, while others go for a table design for their pricing information. Here you can check out some great ideas on Pinterest and find inspiration for your pricing visuals.

Furthermore, it’s imperative for every commercial website to keep the checkout section design features as straightforward as possible. When your website visitor has come to the payment area, don’t distract them with ads or any visual additions. The main purpose of this section is to enable the customer to make their payment in the shortest time possible and start using your products or services.


The main takeaway / The final word


From your business logo to the search button and menu, your homepage has to provide your visitors with some key information when they come to your website. Accompanied by original and optimized images, it should keep the visitors’ attention and make them want to stay with you. At this point, they’ll probably want to read the About Us section or the pricing terms. Make sure that both sections are available at the click of a mouse.  If it contains all these features, organized in a proper way, your homepage will be a perfect ambassador of your business brand and it will keep generating its visitors into your customers.

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