How to Start a Catering Business – Step by Step guide

How to Start a Catering Business – Step by Step guide

Catering Business

If you Love to cook then Catering Business might the best for you. Starting a catering business is a profitable idea. Utilizing your ability to grow a business can be very satisfying. The demand for catering business is very high due to never-ending parties, wedding, corporate parties etc. If you enjoy to cook and like to engage, a self-catering business might be the perfect profession for you. Beginning a self-catering business requires little start-up costs and can be a be started within a week.

Numerous catering new businesses survive by cooking a speciality; concentrating on a specific niche as well as specific sorts of occasions to minimize expenses. You can begin little and grow or remain little. You can begin low maintenance, by working on just weekends, and after that extend to full-time as you get customers.

Market Scope

As catering services are getting cheaper, more and more people are hiring catering services for parties, social gatherings or weddings. This trend is increasing day by day as everyone gets to enjoy the event without worrying about the food. Another benefit of hiring catering services is that people get to enjoy more cuisine and varieties which they can’t cook themselves. Starting catering services at this time can be highly lucrative as the demand is increasing at a great pace.


You need capital for buying catering equipment and cutlery which will cost around 1 lakh. Other than the equipment you need six months rent in advance to settle your business.

Raw Material & Equipment

Raw material needed is vegetables, fruits, garnishing items and desserts which are widely available. Right Equipment is very crucial to start catering business. You need a mixer, grinder, commercial oven, fridge, buffet, cutlery, kitchen utensils and some big pans to cook.

Below is the step by step guide to Starting a Catering Business –

1. Research

The initial phase of starting a catering company is to look at your competitors in your local area. Look at your rivals’ menus, staff, costs and clients. Do a small research in determining the selling price of your catering products. Compare your product prices with market prices. You need to be smarter in processing and running a production system where it can reduce the selling price and increase the effectiveness of your catering business. Look for suppliers that provide raw materials for your business with a cheaper and affordable price. Serve your dishes to your friends and companions to get the honest feedback of your catering services. Consider what niche you want to make.

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2. Niche and Menu

Determine a niche market because at the time of starting a catering business most likely your catering business neither have a strong reputation nor widely known. In addition, you do not have enough resources to provide a complete and large-scale catering service. Therefore determining a niche market is very important because determining a specific niche market is the foundation of building a reputation.

Decide a menu that you will offer to your customers. Research what your rivals are putting forth. Verify which nearby eateries offer cooking services. Construct the menu with respect to your strengths and what your market speciality needs. The main product of the catering business is the food served. Therefore, for the catering business the menu offered is very important in shaping the identity of a catering business. Regardless of whether you work in one cuisine or multiple, ensure your menu consists of multiple dishes and variety for your customers.

3. Set up your Kitchen

Set up your kitchen. Think about purchasing clothes, napkins, table enhancements and centrepieces. Some catering companies additionally offer tent cover for open-air occasions. Make a list of things you’ll need to start providing food. Stock what you have and what gear you’ll have to buy. For instance, your present dishwasher might not have the ability to wash enough dishes to stay aware of your business or you may need to buy a different cooler. You’ll additionally require dishes to transport the nourishment, serving dishes, coolers and approaches to keep hot sustenance hot.

4. Set up Prices and Hire Staff

Like most of the different businesses or services, catering organizations go from the exceptionally moderate to the very costly. Research your local competitors and then decide the prices for your services. In case you are going to the top of the line customers like corporate snacks or costly wedding parties, you should value your menu and services in like manner and set up the prices accordingly. Hire staff according to your business needs and size. If you are getting orders in bulk or for large parties where you have to cook for 200 or more people, you can hire some helping staff who can do many jobs like procuring raw materials, cooking, cutting, food delivery, tasting etc.

5. Customer Relations and Suppliers

The most important thing in a marketing strategy is communication. Make sure your communication with customers does not become an obstacle in your business. Provide easy communication so that all requests and complaints can be resolved immediately. Secondly, make sure your catering business has reliable access to get the required raw materials. You do not want to run out of the main raw materials during the day of the big event of one of your important clients.


Distribute pamphlets and menus and take out promotions in nearby daily papers some days before you intend to open. You can begin taking requests early and do versatile tasting occasions to get the word out. Present your business data to wedding destinations and request feast corridors and well-known neighbourhood wedding scenes to allude potential customers to you. Verbal exchange is extraordinary compared to other approaches to get new cooking business.

Set up a website and online networking pages. This is the best advertising apparatus you will utilize. Your site is the primary spot where many people will go to see what your business brings to the table and decide whether it’s a solid match for them. Having a solid web influence is a must and social networking is really the best advertising platform for cooking organizations. Online networking locales, for example, Facebook and Twitter are vital to not just viable picture making for your business, it is likewise the best methods for checking and reacting to what individuals are saying in regards to your cooking business. Partner with occasion organizers.

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