How to Start as a Freelance Makeup Artist – Step by Step Guide

How to Start as a Freelance Makeup Artist – Step by Step Guide

Makeup Artist

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy”. Makeup has turned into a critical part of our lives. Therefore it is the most suitable time to become a Freelance Makeup Artist. The young ladies and ladies feel themselves to be deficient without embellishing their face with various shades. We can’t overlook the importance of makeup in our lives. Ladies dependably search for the quality cosmetics things. If you like to try different things with various corrective looks and furthermore to give them a shot on yourself and your companions, you start your career as a Makeup Artist.

In case you’re simply beginning, freelance makeup artist employments can appear to be tough. But don’t stress – we’ve assembled a well-ordered manual for turning you into an independent makeup artist, so you’ll have every one of the aptitudes required to begin. Turning into a freelance makeup artist is exceptionally attractive – you can set your own hours and pay rate, pick your customers, and assemble a breathtaking brand that you can be pleased with.

Market Scope

Freelance Makeup Artist is a business idea with great scope. Not everyone can master this profession. Strong skills, creativity and determination are needed to get successful. A skilled makeup artist has a wide variety of industries to go for. The fashion and media industry is one of the most lucrative industry where the demand for a makeup artist is high. They are used to prepare actors and models for movies, advertisements etc. Another field for a makeup artist is parties and weddings. You can provide your services as a professional makeup artist for brides at weddings and other parties and functions.


Firstly you have to decide which makeup school you want to get the training and certificate. This could cost you from INR 25000 – 1,00,000 approx. Then you have to buy the most important thing is this profession and i.e. Cosmetics. Building your makeup kit can cost you from INR 10,000 – 25,000 approx. depending on the brand of cosmetics you want to use.

Raw Material & Equipment

You only need your Makeup kit with good quality cosmetics.

Below is the step by step guide to Start as a Freelance Makeup Artist  –

1. Degree & Training

A Makeup Artist degree and some experience added to your resume are precious as you begin your profession as a makeup artist. Before beginning, you’ll unquestionably need to finish a makeup artist course and sharpen your skills as much as you can. So go looking for that place that gives you training, and not only to know how to makeup but also to do hair and other necessary things. The academies or schools, allow their students to achieve knowledge of all makeup techniques, tricks and specific applications to specialize in the areas of beauty, fashion, advertising, catwalk, television, film and shows. Developing learning in a real work environment, where they can work with models, photographers, stylists, hairdressers, filmmakers.

Practice by making makeup to different skin colours, different face types, different eye colours and different age groups. Find people with light, medium, wheat and dark skin. Developing your skills will help you work more easily with customers with different characteristics. Try different makeup brands. Most make-up artists use certain brands because the quality of the finished products varies according to the brand. You should also try different tissues, such as liquid and powder foundations, and find out which products need to be used for different skin types. Try using different brushes, makeup bars, and other tools. The makeup brush has different shapes, tongues and textures.

2. Build your Makeup Kit

“Most of the customers will take a look at your kit as an impression of your experience”. A Professional makeup kit is an independent makeup artist’s most prized ownership. Assembling a Professional makeup kit is important, as you’ll have to appear at each meeting with things, for example, quality brushes, a scope of eyeshadows, lipsticks, establishments, and cleaning items.

Arranging your kit is fantastic for turning into an independent Makeup Artist. You need your customers to come to you, and you don’t need them to discover that you are ill-equipped! There are numerous approaches to assemble your kit on a financial plan. Utilize high rated cosmetics items. Try not to utilize crummy cosmetics that anybody can get and apply. Utilizing selected items makes your work more alluring to customers.

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3. Decide The Sector

Decide on the sector on which you want to practice and make your career. You can work with film and television stars or with modellers and musicians or you can plan to come up with a job to make a special event makeup. Once you have decided the right path for yourself, create your brand and make sure everyone is aware of your brand.

4. Organising

Do some market research on your competitors and then create a price list lower than others but yet profitable to you. Manage your client request by arranging their timely makeup sessions. Hire a manager to manage your client request once your customer base becomes big.

5. Prepare Your Portfolio

Your portfolio will be your showcase for exhibiting your talents. Your portfolio should include photos of your best jobs. Invest in a high-resolution camera to set up your portfolio, or negotiate with a professional photographer. You will need models to show your skills. Apart from the printed portfolio, you can also prepare online portfolio (eg blog or website). The advantage of the online portfolio is that it can reach a wider audience and be introduced on various social media platforms. Whether your portfolio is printed or online, it should reflect the brand you created. It should include your most creative work that will influence customers.

6. Build a Brand

Once you start getting a lot of makeup request, start converting your work into a brand. Hire other new makeup artist and make them work for your brand. Start providing Makeup courses to another new budding makeup artist. Organize events and free makeup workshop in fairs, malls etc.


Your customers can be just about anyone who needs to look great, in spite of the fact that they’ll likely be female. You can target ladies by building up connections with wedding-focused organizations like marriage experts, wedding shops and food providers. Work up referral systems with occasion and gathering organizers, as well, alongside advertising operators. Grab customers who need a stunner makeover by setting advertisements in nearby Yellow Pages and daily papers and leaving leaflets at hair salons, stylish boutiques and dress shops. Give workshops for ladies’ gatherings or try different things with home gatherings.

Useful Marketing Techniques –

  • Approach wedding and photography studios and offer your services as a makeup artist. Demonstrate your portfolio, bringing up any marriage photographs, and leave your expert business cards with the facilitator.
  • Make online videos on youtube of some of your work, demonstrating essential tips and methods. Posting movies will help build up you as an expert cosmetics craftsman and hotshot your style.
  • Begin a cosmetics blog and post day by day cosmetics tips, item surveys and thoughts on the webpage. Answer questions, react to remarks and post loads of photos of your work.
  • Create Social media presence (facebook, google+, youtube, twitter), share your work and skills with others.

Project Report

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TIP – Remember to smile while following all the points above because “A Smile is the best Makeup a girl can wear”

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