25 Small Business Ideas for Beginners with low investment

25 Small Business Ideas for Beginners with low investment

Every other person dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, but not everyone succeeds. If you are a beginner and want to start your own business, we have listed many small business ideas for beginners in this article below. Business is always more dependent on the idea rather than the funds and labour. Starting a business is outstanding amongst other choices that you can take, yet then again, if you don’t start the right business for you, at that point you are likely going to get disappointed and lose your investment. Standard working hour, i.e. 9 to 5 are obsolete in the present age. People are running towards starting their own particular business where they are independently employed.

Small entrepreneurs have numerous opportunities that they can research effectively, all they require a will be an extraordinary entrepreneur idea. Once you’ve made the dedication, there are a lot of valuable ideas that have just been created to enable you to pick your way.

Here is the list of 25 Small Business or Entrepreneur Ideas for Beginners –

1. Photographer

If you think you have good photography skills, you can go for this business. Before starting a photography business we must understand that photography is art, art requires creativity, ideas and also editing to produce a beautiful work. The meaning of the word beautiful is certainly not only be judged by the artist (Photographer) but also must be enjoyed by others. Actually, the main capital in the business of photography is to have and master photography techniques. We can take courses, workshops, or photography school to get the ability of good and correct photography techniques. The equipment you need is a camera and some lenses. Expensive equipment will make it easy to work, but can not guarantee good photographic results.

As a photographer, you should create a portfolio of your prior works. The portfolio is a tangible proof of your work to attract clients. Before you look for clients, make sure you have a promising portfolio. Many people will be more interested in seeing examples of your work, than just oral promotions. This portfolio could be the benchmark type or style of your photos for others. So when your client starts asking for something weird, you have a good reason.

Marketing is how you introduce your photography business to the masses. With the right marketing, your business will grow fast. Examples of marketing that you can do are to create promotions (advertising, leaflets, social media and the like), build partnerships with other parties (Wedding Organizer, school or office for photographs and so on), make business cards and more. The marketing system must also be based on a satisfactory quality of photography. By providing the best photo work to the consumer, you automatically have made a reliable promotion in your photography business, because until now the promotion of mouth is still an important point in the marketing strategy.

Fields in Photography business –

  • Photographers
  • Photojournalists
  • Commercial photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Food photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Wildlife photographers
  • Aerial photography
  • Scientific photography

2. Dog trainer

Love dogs?…then this might be the right business for you. Numerous dog owners either don’t know how to viably train their dogs or don’t have time. A dog training business offers owners a helpful, protected and powerful place to have their canines trained. Business opportunities in the pet dog market are now wide open. Dog training facilities are now gaining in popularity, especially as more and more dog owners are realizing the benefits of getting their beloved dog trained. Dogs, like humans, are social beings and need to interact with humans and other dogs to behave well and confidently. Training classes can be held in your home in an individual or group format, or if your house is inadequate you can visit your customer’s house and train their dogs one by one.

A strong knowledge of dog behaviour is critical to success in this area of work, as dog trainers must be able to modify inappropriate behaviour and encourage the development of desired responses. While formal training is not entirely necessary, completing an internship with an established dog trainer is one of the best ways to learn the business and gain practical experience. There are also some formal training programs offered through professional schools.

Most dog trainers are self-employed and run their business as a sole proprietorship, although other options include operating as partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations. In addition, there is very little investment required to acquire equipment (exercise kits, treats, biscuits, leash, collar etc). Overall, there is a very low overhead cost for this type of business. Marketing is vital to the success of a dog trainer. Word of mouth will eventually provide many referral clients, but initially, a coach needs to do serious hard work to attract clients. Research training fee of your competitors. You need to cost competitively, so you have to recognize what other dog trainers are charging. It’s always a smart move to network with dog walkers, pet sitter, pet boutiques, and veterinary clinics to get information about potential dog-owner clients.

3. Used Car Sale Purchase

If you trust yourself in marketing and understand the language of cars, you can earn very good money by buying and selling a used car. Starting a used car business can be a wise business option, since vehicles are a primary mode of transportation for many people, and many individuals do not want to pay the full price for a new vehicle that will depreciate quickly. Being knowledgeable about cars is one of the important factors in turning your car gallery into a profitable business. However, you should be able to successfully manage your inventory and staff as well as influence your new customers. Buying and selling used vehicles is a business idea with an excellent return, although it requires a minimum investment to start this is not limited as our investment can be adjusted to start with cheaper models or brands.

If you have a modest capital and are willing to invest to earn extra money, this can be an excellent opportunity. To be able to buy intelligently and safely, it is important to investigate and be informed. Once you find the car you are interested in, compare its price and find out the real value of the vehicle in the market. This will help us determine if it is a good offer or if we can sell the car at the best possible price. Promote your used car business in nearby media outlets, including daily papers, neighbourhood, internet and radio stations. You can also build your own website to sell your cars or you can sell it on other car resales websites.

4. Dance Studio

If you want to begin a dance studio business, you should be enthusiastic about dancing since you will be associated with teaching individuals how to do distinctive sort of dances and you should have the capacity to connect with them and influence them to feel included.

The good news is that this business does not require large machines, infrastructure or furniture, so you can start working in a small room, suitable for about five people, have a sound system, adequate carpeting, mirrors and some ballet bars. In many cases, it is ideal to start from home before thinking of renting a commercial space. As for the place where classes will be taught, it is important that this is located in an area of easy access, providing security to users, be spacious, with several rooms to adapt to each style of dance and good music equipment for feeling the music when dancing. Depending on the type of dance, the business may have different types of the target audience. It is advisable to divide the group of students into children, adolescents, young people and adults.

Make a dance studio with a warm, strong environment. As for marketing, to promote our business we could start by contacting our friends and acquaintances and invite them to take our dance classes and to spread the word to their own friends and acquaintances. Putting Advertisements through magazine promotions and friends site, using web-based social networking like facebook, twitter and Pinterest, plan and print business cards and pamphlets to convey to individuals, make an organization pamphlet for your dance studio. It is the best business idea to start if you are a beginner.

5. Electronic Retail Store

Due to the huge demand for electronic products, opening an electronic retail store is a great business idea for beginners. Consumption of electricity and the products run by it is increasing day by day. Therefore this business idea is the most attractive and lucrative idea. Before you begin an electronics business, analyze and research other established electronic retail stores. This includes the percentage of the amount charged on products, brands they offer, and overseeing supplier relations. Research fruitful electronics outlets and those that have shut or fizzled. In case you don’t have any knowledge about this business, you can go and research your nearby market and internet.

Marketing is yet another pillar of this business. Promote your store by offering discounts and offering complementary products. You can also market locally by distributing pamphlets and placing hoardings in your nearby areas.

6. Coffee Shop

This business idea is the most profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners with low risk. Therefore if you want to start a coffee shop, the first step is to do decide whether you want to start your own unique brand or an already established franchise.

Visit the coffee shops in your area doing a previous task, noting everything they offer and the corresponding prices. In this way, you will know what to offer in your coffee business and what prices to handle. You should also think what type of additional beverages you will offer or items to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Many of your customers may consume other drinks than coffee. Make your coffee shop as interesting as possible. Next step is to look for a good place for your cafeteria, ideally an area of high traffic such as shopping centres or central locations such as train stations or bus stop. No doubt, the place of your business will determine 95 percent of your success.

Next is marketing. Promoting your coffee shop is the most important part of this business. Offer discounts, complementary eatables, free wifi etc to attract the customers. Offer a huge variety of coffee as having more choices always attract customers.

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7. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular business ideas for beginners due to low investment and high profits. You just need a computer or laptop and internet. Another favourable position of this business is that bloggers have the autonomy to work independently and set their own work routines.

First, you should sit down with your own interests and make a good plan to evaluate what you will start blogging about. This is an important part of creating a blog. And as long as there are no major changes, you will continue to write articles in the subject areas of your blog that you will set throughout the life of the publication. Some people generally find things to write in each topic, while others write articles under those headings by selecting specific topics (s). For example, this blog is a blog that includes business ideas. As the concepts of business cover a very wide field today, there are many things we can write about.

Every blog writer should pay attention to SEO because it is the key to high traffic or financial gain. If you do not understand it from SEO, you can learn how to gain visitors from the search engines by doing some research. If you do not have the time to do it, you can consult the SEO experts and make the appropriate search engine optimization for your site. Promote your blog aggressively as your income depends on the number of readers you attract.

8. General Store

Opening up a general store is very productive due to high demand all over the year. General store implies store that provides food, day to day useable, sustenance things, basic needs, even clothes. In this business, location plays an important role. General store business should be at the place where the clients are. You need a location with a sensible level of security, access to open transportation for your clients and representatives or place with heavy footfall. Discover manufacturers and suppliers. Scan for items that are probably going to be in demand by the clients, however, are not offered by your competition.

Market your store. Publicize to your nearby neighbourhood by means of the area pamphlet. Promote to various areas of the city through daily newspapers. Utilize radio, TV and daily paper to run all-inclusive promotions. Consider extraordinary rebates and discounts to attract new clients into the store and set yourself apart from the competition.

9. Car Cleaning

Car cleaning is the most booming business presently due to the high demand for cars. When a person shells out a handsome amount for the car, then he doesn’t hesitate to spend a small fortune on maintaining the car. Explore the car wash industry: Even if you have already worked in car wash business, you need to be aware of the latest developments in the latest trends and technologies to be able to dominate the industry. Visit other car wash shops and decide what kind of car wash shop you want to open.

You must take into account a number of factors when starting your own car wash business, particularly the type of car wash itself. Self-service, washing, denting, painting or any other service must be researched and priced as per the costing, labour salary and prices of other competitors in the market. Mobile and hand washes require a lower initial investment in the equipment, but labour costs in progress must be considered. Self-service and automatic vehicle washing require less labour, but the initial machinery and real estate costs can be high.

Find a suitable place for your car wash shop: Choosing the right location is one of the most important factors affecting the success of the operator. Explore competition in your area: You need to research other car wash shops in your area to gain competitive advantage. Find out about the price they charge, services provided etc. Attempt to connect with people through web-based promoting, print media, discounts, complimentary offers to attract customers. Set up a competitive price list to beat other local services.

10. Pet Care

Turning into a trainer, groomer or sitter is likely a fantasy work for the individuals who love pets. For those with an enthusiasm and empathy for pets, a pet care business may give only the correct blend of benefits and individual satisfaction. Most people love pets, appreciate them and want the best for them. But their day-to-day work does not leave them much free time, a situation that ends up affecting both parties. So, by offering this type of service you are not only contributing to the welfare of the animal, you are also providing peace of mind to the pet owners. Consider the services you plan to offer. You also have to think about whether there will be some pet limit you can take care of, such as just watching dogs of a certain size or not caring for certain types of animals.

Prepare an area of your house for pets if you are going to operate your business from your home. Remove any small objects that animals can swallow and any item that you do not want to chew or scratch. You can also fence a portion of the garden outside to create outdoor kennels or an area where animals can play or use the bathroom without the need for a leash. Now you must promote your business. You can leave flyers and cards at veterinary clinics, supermarkets, dog hairdressers, and pet stores. Leave several business cards or brochures so potential customers feel free to take one for future reference.

11. Auto Garage

Automobiles have become an essential part of our lives. If you are thinking about beginning an auto repair business, at this point it is a great business idea. In any case, beginning an auto-repair business isn’t a simple task. The key parts of any business are time, exertion and great service abilities. Every conceivable situation must be considered. You can either give fundamental services, for example, oil and tire changes or other services, for example, crash repair, motor upkeep and electrical faults. Services provided by an auto garage are –

  • Car wash
  • Mechanical repairing like motor, gear, battery etc
  • Electrical faults like horn, light and so on
  • Car ventilation system and air conditioner services
  • Wheel adjusting and arrangement
  • Oil change like motor oil, brake oil, gear oil and so forth
  • Car body repair like painting and denting
  • Battery
  • Car dry clean

The location of the auto-repairing shop should be in busy place. Another angle to be considered while choosing an area is the separation between two auto-repairing shops. In the event that the auto-repairing shop is begun alongside a set up repairing shop, at that point, it might end up being a weakness. To market and promote your business, good services and building up associations with car dealerships can be profitable.

12. Travel Agency

Travel and tourism is one of the most booming business in the world and increasing day by day at a great pace. These agencies offer different services, such as taking airline tickets, making hotel reservations, making travel programs for tour or voyage, and providing guidance on specific tourist destinations. Nowadays, travel agencies usually provide services online, as well as from the home or office. As you begin your travel agency business, you will be able to use travel agency software, experience customer service and experience in the tourism industry will help you get started faster.

Rent an office for your travel agent or work from home. Talk to real estate agents to find a suitable workplace. Try to choose places with crowds and parking spaces. Your workplace should be large enough to accommodate both its customers and large enough to accommodate computer equipment, furniture and marketing materials. If you work from home, you should create a space where you can comfortably work, put computer equipment and software, marketing materials and files.

Design your marketing materials to help promote your travel agency, such as brochures, business cards and flyers. Prepare a customer list in which e-mail addresses, travel preferences and places of interest previously visited are also included. To increase sales, send travel discounts, events, or any other information that may be of interest to customers to the email addresses of the customers.

13. Franchise

Nowadays due to the high-risk percentage of businesses, beginners are turning towards franchises. A business franchise can be one where the proprietor or franchiser share the rights to the business model and logo with an outsider who is the franchisee. A Franchiser gives the permit to an outsider (Franchisee) the privilege to work a business or services utilizing the franchiser’s business name and framework for a concurred timeframe, consequently of expense or royalty. Franchisees should ensure that they are not working in a region where another outlet of the same business already exists. They should endeavour to work as free entitles.

Location is a key factor in working up a franchise. A franchise is a superior alternative as one can maintain a business without putting much capital and mind into it. One can contribute a whole of cash and begin their stores as a Franchise of the first organization and get commissions or rates on the aggregate deals.

Pros of Franchise –

  • Franchises offer the freedom of business.
  • You don’t really require business experience to run a franchise.
  • Franchises have a higher rate of achievement than new companies.
  • Free support from the franchiser.
  • Readymade Goodwill

14. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is the most lucrative business idea for beginners. In numerous parts of the world be it a provincial or urban dairy farming business has picked up its significance and turned out to be exceptionally well known as far as its net revenue. Dairy farming business is a customary business. In this way, you don’t need to stress over advertising your items. You can without much of a stretch offer your items in relatively every place of your region. Dairy farming business doesn’t require very gifted work. You can undoubtedly setup little scale dairy farm with your family work. Try to visit some business dairy farms. Research about other local dairy farmers, their cattle, price list and other necessary items required to start this business.

As cattle are extensive warm-blooded creatures, you require a huge space for them for their protection. They can deliver more milk under good conditions. Right breed choice is especially critical in the dairy farming. As the benefit is absolutely reliant on the milk yield of the cow. For breed determination, we should deal with the breed which is adjusted to our climatic condition and their milk yielding ability.

15. Cooking Classes

Your love for cooking can be transformed into a business that will get you some extra cash with low investment.  A love for cooking along with a love to share that knowledge can turn into a profitable business giving cooking classes. If you own a restaurant or have access to a commercial kitchen or simply have a kitchen in the home ideal for the organization, you can offer classes in a kitchen comfort area or offer basic and advanced cooking techniques. Although driving these classes is usually very fun, it’s a business, so you should treat it as such.

Determine what kind of cooking classes you will teach. If you are an expert in a certain type of food or technique, this is a good place to start. For example, if you are an expert in Indian cooking, start with these types of classes or if you are an expert baker, offer classes in these techniques. Make a list of your skills, even those that do not seem important at first. It is quite possible that once you advance on the list, you will see a great opportunity to offer a variety of classes.

You have to publicize your cooking classes initially through your neighbours, kitty party and online on social media platforms. You can put hoardings of your cooking classes with engaging photographs saying that you can make your profession here by learning the art of cooking.

16. Child Daycare

Working parents are usually worried about their children during the work hours and prefer daycare for their children. If you are a beginner and love children, this might be a right business idea for you.  Nurseries or daycare as they are also known, are one of the areas of great responsibility that exist as we deal with the care of children to whom we must provide them with the greatest possible security and a lot of attention while their parents are working. Ensuring quality care can guarantee that you have a profitable business in your hands.

You can operate a daycare in your home, as long as you have enough space for the number of children you want to take care of. Otherwise, you will need an independent environment. When looking for a place, look for one that has a large outdoor area so children can play. The staff must be carefully selected as they will be in direct contact with the children. Depending on the attention given to them, the children will get used to the place or not. Ideal candidates are specialized teachers in early childhood education. As assistants, you can hire students from institutes or universities that study the same profession. As for the staff that recruits for the nannies service, it is enough that they are honest, patient women and that they like the children.

Begin promoting your child daycare business few days before the opening with the goal to make your daycare more popular. Promote your business online on social media platforms or you can build your own website. Tie up with schools and libraries to attract more parents.

17. E-commerce Reseller

Reselling is the most suitable business for the beginners as the risk and investment involved are almost nil. If you are considering starting a reseller business in a new industry you should research industries of interest and contact potential suppliers for product information, terms and pricing. Instead of manufacturing your own commodities, you should find and source items from other suppliers to sell from other e-commerce platforms. The reseller dropship business model is affordable, making it a great alternative for new entrepreneurs. As a reseller, you’re essentially the middleman between the manufacturer and customers. You can sell clothes, shoes, jewellery or any other necessity. With your online shop, you can deal into other niches without spending a huge amount on inventory, labour expenses or high delivering costs.

You won’t need to purchase mass inventory. Delivery fees aren’t very high in a reseller business. You pay for the commodity as customers order them through your reseller online shop. In this manner, the money related cost for setup is low.

18. Accountant

Accountancy is an ideal profession for you if you like to work with money, make account books and compete with time. The best way to start your accounting business is looking for potential clients that among your acquaintances who can support you in this first stage, normally one of the advantages provided by this type of business is that the monthly costs and expenses are very low. You need to have a team of 2 or 3 people depending on the initial demand as well as a local (which can be your home) and basic office equipment to start working, so with a few customers, you could easily pay the monthly expenses.

Accountancy is a comprehensive profession and offers both long-term employer stability and self-employment autonomy. Many independent accountants have their own small firms. They manage the companies on their own, with one partner and one or two administrative staff. These companies serve individuals for tax purposes or small-scale businesses for basic accounting, auditing and tax transactions.

Marketing activities help you to take the market and find new customers. One of the first things that potential customers do is to have an internet research site, so it’s crucial that you have a website. In addition, you can save your company to phone directories and advertise.

19. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant is simply to help companies or directly work with people online through computers, phones and tablets. Virtual Assistants, who act as a kind of secretary, usually do this over the internet. Many companies even require Virtual Assistants to work in their homes because they are less costly. If you want to be a Virtual Assistant you do not need any information or training other than being a good computer user in the first place. You can be a Virtual Assistant, especially if you believe that you can be inclined to Microsoft’s Office software and other potentially unwanted programs and that you can answer e-mails.

Most virtual assistants are self-employed, who do their work from home and focus on administrative tasks similar to an executive assistant or secretary. There are thousands of virtual assistant lists for websites that specialize in contracted businesses. You should always select a particular niche in which you have confidence and the required abilities. Spotlight on the abilities you have and appreciate doing. You can offer single service, for example, interpretation, or you can give numerous administrations.

20. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is one of the most popular sources to keep our life healthy. So why not earn some cash while keeping yourself healthy? Yoga training is the most the most lucrative business in this world. With a goal to have a right career in yoga, you first need to figure out whether you want to start your own studio or work under some already establishes yoga studio. There are numerous roads that one can take as for beginning their own particular practice. You can pick to fill in as a sole proprietor, training private customer base on a one-on-one basis. This, actually, is one of the more lucrative courses for yoga instructors to earn well.

Promoting is apparently the most critical part of your business, and it’s the place most yoga instructors and businesses stall out. Without a decent advertising technique, there is no chance to get for anybody to think about you or what you’re putting forth. Intelligent advertising will enable you to fabricate your own goodwill, promotion classes, workshops, courses, retreats, and occasions.

21. Makeup Artist

Women love Makeup..so why not earn some cash from it? A makeup artist is one of the most suitable and profitable business ideas for beginners. To start this business, you must obtain a certificate or degree from a recognised institute. The only working areas of professional make-up artists are not hairdressers, aesthetic centres or beauty centres, of course. You can operate in business areas belonging to different sectors such as theatre halls, televisions, podiums. For the makeup profession, it is especially important that you have a strong imagination and a lot of creativity, that you have tact and endurance, are stress-resistant and have no fear of contact. You can also work as an intern under some renowned makeup artist to get some quality experience.

Practice by making makeup to different skin colours, different face types, different eye colours and different age groups. Find people with light, medium, wheat and dark skin. Developing your skills will help you work more easily with customers with different characteristics.
Try different makeup brands. Most make-up artists use certain brands because the quality of the finished products varies according to the brand.

Promotion and networking are vital. Converse with individuals wherever you go weddings, planes, occasions and get your name out there. Make contacts at whatever point conceivable. Build a portfolio. Apart from the printed portfolio, you can also prepare online portfolio (eg blog or website). The advantage of the online portfolio is that it can reach a wider audience and be introduced on various social media platforms. Whether your portfolio is printed or online, it should reflect the brand you created. It should include your most creative work that will influence customers

22. Tutoring

This is an incredible business idea for individuals with remarkable expertise in a particular zone. Start-up costs are almost nil and you can teach anything as a tutor, from math to exam prep, to piano. List the subjects you will offer in your tutoring business. You must have experience and skill in the subjects you offer. Determine where you will give tutoring classes. You can do it at home or offer to visit clients at home. You can also arrange sessions in public places that include local libraries and coffee shops. In addition, you could rent or buy a commercial space for your business, ask a community centre that allows you to teach children in one of their rooms or even offer online tutoring services.

Marketing is must to get success in this business. You can distribute pamphlets in your local area or you can promote yourself on social media platforms.

23. Web Designer

Web designing is a right business idea for beginners as demand is high and investment is low. There are many great reasons to be a freelance web designer. Along with being the leader of your own business; you can choose the hours you will work, your customers, the payment frequency and the workload. You can work on a business that you choose to focus on, your strengths, your talents and even an area that you want to be better. Freelance web designers can work full-time or part-time. But freelance web design is not just about creativity. Starting with the right resources to work will increase your chances of being successful in this business. It will also be useful if you have a map of how your business is developed and what you need to focus on.

As Freelance, you are still working for customers and your goal is to please them. This does not mean that you can create whatever you want when you want. This means creating what your customers want (even if they know what it is) at the time they want (in a shorter time than you want them to be). Then every customer is your boss. No one is pushing you to finish the job instead of the thing you choose to linger about. To become a web designer, you do not have to go to a particular school or study a course. However, in order to become a quality education or a quality Web Master, you may need to consult with experienced and knowledgeable people who have experience and where you are located.

Build a portfolio from your previous best works as this is the most important thing that will help your client to decide whether to hire you or not.

24. Freelance Writer

If you are good at English and writing, you can opt for this business. Freelance writing is a profession especially suited for those who want to work from home. That’s because most types of writing today only require a computer, Internet connection and word processing software. The Internet has really accelerated the demand for freelance writers, especially for web publications. In the same network, there are very good courses for those who want to learn more about web writing, which is very useful for those who enjoy writing but have no formal training in writing (such as studies in literature or journalism).

There are ways to find clients if you want to be a freelance writer. They range from the most basic ones, such as the traditional postulation to the posts of editors requested by a company, or offering your services through the web. There are several sites on the network where writers offer their talent and companies publish work proposals. If you want to write for magazines and other printed publications, you will have to familiarize yourself with the markets, including building a network of contacts. Whatever your method to get a job as a freelance writer, you should always have a small personal portfolio with your writing.

Degree in English is not required to be an effective freelance writer. What you do require is the capacity to write well. You just need Great punctuation and Capacity to edit and alter your work. You can also register on content platforms like contentmart.

25. Mobile Repairing

The business of cell phone or mobile repairing is a never-ending business. Before starting up this business, you should obtain some training and a degree from a reputed institute. You can also work with some expert as an intern to gain experience. You can start this business at your home as it will save a lot of costs or you can rent a shop in your nearby market. Location of the shop is essential as a shop located in the market with good footfall will be a good choice. You can also market your business online by listing your business at various online directories and websites. Pick and delivery is yet another promotional trick that will attract customers.


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