20 small home based business ideas for women

20 small home based business ideas for women

Nowadays, women entrepreneurs are keen to start their own small home-based business. Beginning and maintaining a business frequently requires loads of startup money, however, it additionally requires significant time and labour. We have list 20 small home based business ideas for women in this article. Home based business is a blessing for the housewives and mothers. Home based business ideas can be begun with low investment and require less time. These days numerous women are searching for home based business ideas.

Below is the latest and updated list of small home based business ideas that women can start from their homes –

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is an ideal home based business idea for women. Housewives, moms and women in every field find this business suitable as they can earn and manage their personal lives simultaneously. What you require is knowledge and expertise on the topic and the capacity to teach and explain in a way that others can learn. In case you’re searching for a simple and moderate home business idea that you can begin rapidly, tutoring is one you should consider. Tutoring should be possible either in your customer’s home, at your home, or in another area, for example, the school or library. The Internet has made tutoring very convenient by the way of online tutoring through video conferencing, so you can reach customers who live outside your area far from your home. Tutors give an extra guideline to students to enable them to understand a subject. It is required at all levels of training, from basic to school, and on a variety of points.

2. Beauty Parlour

Beginning a Beauty salon business can be a rewarding effort. Starting a beauty salon at home can be a very profitable business. You can manage prices and work schedules and have control of the work-life balance. It begins by providing limited types of basic services, such as hairstyles and manicures. As the business grows add services, such as facials, dyeing and hair cutting. With skills to cut hair, hair removal, facials or nail care, the possibility of starting a beauty salon at home is a good opportunity. There is a great demand for beauty and maintenance services. Locating your beauty salon at a good point is important for it to be successful. Remember that your main market is usually the ladies, so you can consider placing yourself in executive areas where there are many offices to access a large market with good purchasing power and a great need to maintain an excellent personal image

You can promote your beauty parlour in magazines and papers, distribute pamphlets in the nearby neighbourhood, and even publicize on the web. Having a starting offer or two on services can be a genuine lift also. In the event that you take franchise of any acclaimed brand of beauty parlour then your venture capital will be high however your benefit likewise will go high.

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3.  Personal Fitness Trainer

This business idea is one of the most lucrative and profitable for women. A personal trainer is a fitness professional, qualified in physical activity, who prescribes exercises, motivates and sets goals individually, taking into account the physical conditions and the objectives of each of their clients. You can start as a personal trainer by training your customers at your home, outside, private studios, parks, corporate workplaces, and wellbeing clubs. Having a good physical shape and practising sports on a regular basis is not the only requirement to be a qualified personal trainer. The academic training and the vocation are vital for any self-respecting personal trainer.

Nowadays, online fitness coaching is trending. Most fitness experts are turning online because it erases the geographical limits of your business. You can train any person anywhere in the world. Marketing is yet another important factor in this business. You can market yourself online on social media, by answering general questions on fitness forums etc.

4. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are the most suitable and easy to start small business idea for women. You don’t need any degree or certificate to start this business. A love for cooking along with a love to share that knowledge can turn into a profitable business giving cooking classes. If you own a restaurant or have access to a commercial kitchen or simply have a kitchen in the home ideal for the organization, you can offer classes in a kitchen comfort area or offer basic and advanced cooking techniques. Although driving these classes is usually very fun, it’s a business, so you should treat it as such. Determine what kind of cooking classes you will teach. If you are an expert in a certain type of food or technique, this is a good place to start. For example, if you are an expert in Indian cooking, start with these types of classes or if you are an expert baker, offer classes in these techniques.

This business can be undertaken even by a single housewife looking to work in her own business and with a flexible schedule, or a group of enterprising women who like cooking or better yet, you can create a school type that offers cooking classes for people who wish to learn. Marketing your business yet another pillar in making your business successful. Start by promoting in social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. You can also start online cooking classes as it is more feasible and you don’t need any special training place. Students are also interested in learning online as they can learn at home without going to any particular place.

5. Handmade Chocolate Making

Everybody Loves Chocolates…So do we. Handmade chocolate business is one of the most booming businesses in the world. Due to huge demand, it is a highly profitable business with low investment. Women can start a handmade chocolate business from their home without much fuss. Shortlist an objective market for your homemade chocolate and build up a system for getting the word out to potential purchasers. If you are planning to wholesale your homemade chocolates, discover retailers in your local area who might be a solid match. Research in your local market about other entrepreneurs doing the same business and do something different in order to be unique.

You can market your chocolates by selling it at lower prices than your competitors. Promote your products on social media, by distributing pamphlets in your local area. Give free samples in your local market to market your product.

6. Translator

If you are proficient in a foreign language and can translate starting with one language to another, translation services could be the ideal small business for you. Startup costs of this business are very low. You can either work for a company or can work independently as a freelancer. Becoming a freelance translator also requires some versatility. In addition to these excellent language skills in at least one language besides their own native language, there are also techniques that contribute to more efficient work and better outcomes. Research skills, independent terminology work or special skills characterize a good translator. Translators deal with a wide range of text types: technical papers, medical research reports, journalistic articles, economic literature, copywriting, legal documents, annual reports, negotiation protocols, literary texts, instructions for use, patents, packaging labels, etc.

It’s an extraordinary locally established business for women, particularly on the grounds that you can work by means of the Internet. You can either create your own website or can promote your services on social media. You can also list yourself on freelancer jobs website as a translator.

7. Match Making

Matchmaking business is one the most lucrative and booming business in the world. People often search for their life partners online or locally. This business can be started at your home with a laptop and internet. Startup cost is very low and the daily expenses in almost nil. To provide an internet matchmaking services you require a website. Ensure the website is attractive. Some people want to search their partners according to their religion, culture and group. In this way, you have to plan and sort them in like manner. You need to centre around a specific speciality. For example, you can serve Punjabi, Christians, above 50, the more youthful age, and numerous others.

Promote your business in your local area by distributing pamphlets, hoarding etc. Market your services online to attract more customers.

8. Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the most popular business ideas for working from home. Virtual assistants are qualified professionals who provide administrative services to companies. Most virtual assistants work from offices in their homes and perform general work or specialize in different areas, such as marketing, graphic design, computer support or translation services. The equipment required is not very different from that used by a person who works in an office. A computer with high-speed Internet access, a cell phone, fax, scanner and the ability to send electronic messages and instant messaging to customers is essential. As a virtual assistant, you depend on delivering good results. Only satisfied customers return to their VAs with new assignments and thus guarantee a regular income. The business model of the Virtual Assistant provides you with the guidelines to develop your own profitable, sustainable and scalable business within an industry with unlimited possibilities.

Another key feature of a good virtual assistant is communicating clearly and correctly. If your communication skills are not good, start trying to improve them. You must use a neat language, always, both when referring to your client, and when sending e-mails or communicating with other people that your work requires. Market your service by creating your own website and listing your prior experiences and portfolio or you can promote your services on social media platforms.

9. Blogging

Blogging has turned out to be a standout amongst the most picked business ideas for women. Starting your own blog does not have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, more and more people are starting blogs every day. It seems that almost every person or business has a blog today. Blogging can be very lucrative if done correctly. The best bloggers in the world, obviously, earn a lot, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a good profit if things are done correctly. You should have good writing skills seen from grammar, storyline, and ease of writing understandable to the reader. This capability does not have to be as good as a poet or poet, at least the writing is understood by the reader. Next is the topic or niche of your blog. You should select your target audience by selecting a particular niche.

Blog design is also very important to the success of the blog. Surely content is king. However, a unique blog design, quickly accessible, and informative navigation system will make a tempting first impression for its visitors. By writing unique content and having a good design will not attract many readers. You should Promote your blog in order to get more visitors on social media and other marketing platforms.

10. Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer is a profession that opens the doors to creative expression, expressing different ideas, messages and emotions through the image. At the same time, you can earn income from your talent and imagination. In addition to the technical work, a good graphic designer must have a high creative capacity that allows him to perfectly fit the idea and the final design. The job of a graphic designer is very versatile. In this profession, you design various graphic communication tools such as company logos, flyers, advertisements or websites. A Graphic Designer usually has numerous opportunities to work independently, which gives you the freedom to manage your times and expand your number of clients. While you have a good computer with you, you can work from anywhere. Numerous effective graphic designers work out of a home office.

Marketing is essential to excel in this field. A portfolio of works is essential for all aspiring graphic designers. Potential employers get a good idea of your talent and abilities when looking at your past projects. You can either build your own website or promote your portfolio on various social websites. This is one of the ideal business ideas for women to work from home.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically referral marketing with a commission. It is a great way to connect your website or blog to a company that can make money for you. Adding links to specific products to your site will help you not only attract more targeted traffic, but also give you a percentage of people click the link and buy it. To increase the success of your affiliate marketing, just promote products that are relevant to your market. If you advertise a product that your customers are not interested in, you will fail to make money. Instead, promote quality products that will attract your customers and your profits will increase. Startup cost is very low as you only require a computer and internet. Yo don’t have to keep any stocks as you will act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller. Some of the popular affiliate marketing platforms are Amazon and Flipkart.

12. Tailoring

Tailoring is the ideal small business for women. The clothes sewing business is one of the most profitable apparel business ideas around the world. This business can either be started at your home or you can rent a shop in your nearby market. Demand for tailoring service is also increasing, with the increasing demand for fashion. With the right planning and marketing strategy, any person can start this business with medium capital investment. This is one of the most excellent garment business. Nowadays, according to the increasing fashion trends, most of the people want to try different apparels. The success of this kind of business depends on how your creative skills are and how you make a unique alteration to the clothes.

The things you would require are:

  • Sewing machines
  • Texture
  • Fundamental sewing supplies like needles, pins, yarn, strings, bands, catches and so forth.

Research the market and discover what sort of patterns are hot. You can likewise feature your readied outfits on mannequins. Promote your services in your local area and online through social media platforms.

13. Software Development

Software developing business can be started from home. If you are qualified for the development of software, you just need a computer, internet, some software and a solid marketing strategy. A software development organization is one that creates and circulates PC software that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, for example, learning, direction, evaluation, figuring, diversion or the execution of a huge number of different assignments. To market your skills you need a portfolio. Promote your portfolio aggressively to attract customers. To gain experience, you can also work with some experienced software developer and learn the required skills.

14. Bakery

If you love baking cakes, pastries or bread, this might be the most suitable business for you. You can start a bakery with low to medium investment and can earn high profits. Before starting this business, you can opt for some cooking classes to master this profession or you can hire staff to do it for you. Location plays an important role. You can either start your bakery at your home or you can rent a shop in the nearby market. If you are a beginner, you do not have to rent a location to produce cake and bakery. Try to take advantage of your own home kitchen, so you can save on transportation costs as well as rent. However, the cleanliness of the kitchen that you have also need to be considered. Because kitchen hygiene is one of the important things that must be considered in running a bakery business.

Products with delicious flavours are not the only thing that matters. Innovation is one of the other important things you should do to develop a cake and bakery business. With innovation, your product has its own selling point, especially if you can create unique innovations that business competitors have never provided. Your customers can come from different circles with different tastes. To be able to reach the desires and tastes of consumers you can provide a wide selection of your cake products. Promote your bakery in your local area by the way of pamphlets, hoardings etc. Make an online presence by sharing your products on social media.

15. Freelance Writing

Writing is one calling that is particularly suited to individuals who need adaptability in where, how, and when they work. That is on the grounds that most kinds of writing today just require a PC, an Internet. Therefore it is a most suitable small home based business for women.

Pros of Freelance Writing –

  • Work from home or anyplace you have an Internet association and PC
  • Adaptable calendar
  • A wide assortment of kinds of writing is accessible, including articles, copywriting, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • A wide assortment of subjects to cover, which implies you can abstain from getting exhausted
  • Low overhead to begin. Truth be told, you can begin with nothing

You can run your blog too and showcase it as your portfolio. You can also start with guest posting which is free to gain experience and confidence.

16. Social Media Consultant

Social media has turned into an important platform for showcasing. The issue is that the administrations and procedures change as often as possible, and numerous entrepreneurs essentially don’t have sufficient energy or the experience to stay aware of everything. Social media consultant handles and promotes your business on social media websites by designing marketing strategies, products, portfolios etc. As social media’s essence extends, the interest of individuals with mastery in the medium will keep on expanding too. In the event that you genuinely are a specialist, there ought to be a lot of chances.

Startup expenses ought to be moderately low, If you are working your business out of your home. Beside standard office supplies, fundamental startup expenses can be restricted to any refreshing you may need to do with your PC, telephone, and tablet equipment and programming.

17. Personal Chef

Personal chefs are cooks for the people who are unable to cook for themselves due to either busy schedules or some other reason. This business requires you to plan and prepare weekly or daily meals for your clients, strong cooking skills and knowledge of nutrition and special diet (if any) is a must. While you do not need to graduate from cooking school, taking some cooking classes will increase your credibility. As a personal chef, you should be able to make dishes that are not only delicious but also different. Personal chefs can either cook food in their own home, a business kitchen or the homes of their customers relying on what the customer needs.

Start up cost is low as you don’t need any types of equipment to start this business. Generally, anything you purchase for the customer will be repaid, through your expenses. So all you require is transportation, cooking utensils, and advertising costs. Market your services by showcasing your portfolio online on social media or your personal website.

18. Candle Making

Candle making is one of the most popular small-scale business. You can begin the business either from your home or you can rent a shop in the nearby market area. Assembling process is basic. Beautiful scented candles considered as an extravagance blessing thing, therefore they are much in demand. Basically, there are two kinds of candles that you can manufacture. One is a white shading basic long candle with various height and size. Another type of candles is decorating candles like bright, scented, winding, fluted, LED, column candles. Candles cost little to make.

One of the most trusted platform to sell your candles is online. You can either create your own website or you can sell on other e-commerce websites. Social media platforms can also be used to make your branding by displaying your portfolio and designs.

19. Event Planner

Event planners are responsible for negotiating, coordinating and promoting events or exhibitions. They also organize the place of celebration, accommodation and services such as hospitality and travel, within a budget. They make sure that the event runs smoothly. You can either rent 0an office or start your business at home. An event organizer is a professional with a solid interdisciplinary background and a multifunctional profile since he will perform very varied tasks both within the company and in the organization of the event, and therefore must be versatile and with a great capacity to Adaptation to change, and a very flexible mind.

Some event organizers must handle all aspects of planning, organizing and advertising. They should be clear about who their target audience is, and then elaborate the best way to let them know about the event. They may have to order the development of promotional material, for example, magazines, newspapers, brochures, websites and mail advertising, to attract exhibitors and visitors. The equipment you require is a computer, internet and a creative mind. Create a website to showcase your portfolio and engage with people through social media to attract more customers.

20. Advertising Agency

Put your advertising abilities and experience to great use by beginning an advertising agency by helping entrepreneurs to make attractive advertisements that get the outcomes they need according to their tight advertising spending plans. If you are creative and innovative and can create advertisements to attract customers, you can use this talent to start an advertising agency. This business can be started either from home or you can rent a shop in a nearby commercial area. Numerous advertising agencies focus on huge enterprises with huge advertising spending plans, leaving entrepreneurs to make sense of how to best promote their items and administrations. Advertising is a dynamic industry, so you’ll have to stay in touch with all changes in the business if you anticipate getting to be fruitful.

Your pitching point to potential customers will be your portfolio. This is a collection of past work you’ve done in advertising. If you haven’t worked in this field, fabricating a portfolio ought to be the best need. You can do an internship in an established advertising agency to gain experience and knowledge. You can promote your services on social media to attract more customers.


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