30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

The small-scale manufacturing industry is considered as a productive opportunity for startup business visionaries. Manufacturing business has been a lucrative field for the general population. In this article, we have made a list of small manufacturing business ideas which can start with low to medium investment and that can return high profits. If you want to succeed, you should opt for small-scale manufacturing business ideas with low investment. There are different manufacturing business ideas over the world where one can begin.  Small manufacturing businesses can begin at home or at a small rental commence. The cost of machinery or hardware’s required for beginning small manufacturing business is low. You can even consider contracting machinery from the market so as to lessen the cost.

In the event that you are thinking to start or invest in manufacturing industry business, you should begin on a constrained or limited size. Beginning with the making of basic parts of the different ventures. When you set up things well, you could begin on a medium scale and bit by bit turn into big. To begin an extensive scale manufacturing business, you need a high speculation, yet once you set up through medium scale, you would not confront many obstacles pushing ahead towards the big scale production.

Below is the List of small-scale manufacturing business ideas with a low investment that you can just start up –

1. Biscuit Manufacturing

Small-scale manufacturing business of biscuits is a great business idea to start from. The profitability of the homemade cookies business lies in its simplicity. This business can either be started at your home or you can rent a factory. Those who dedicate themselves to this as a business, have the possibility of managing time at their whim, an advantage that does not give an office job. The capital investment may be small since the price of the ingredients (milk, eggs, flour, butter and vanilla) is not high.

Decide what kind of biscuits you will bake. You can specialize in a type of biscuits, such as chocolate chips or sugar cookies and decorated or you can offer a variety. If you are going to be the only baker, consider the amount of time you have to spend on each type of cookie you need to create. Also, think about storage and delivery. Decorated cookies will require special storage and distribution to avoid spoiling. Set a price for each type of cookie per individual and bulk purchase. Your prices should include the cost of the ingredients, the preparation time, the business overhead and your desired profit margin.

Acquire the equipment and supplies you need for your biscuits. These items include bowls, utensils, blenders, baking pans and measuring elements, which should be separated from your personal kitchen items. Purchase packaging materials, such as plastic wrap or bags and cake boxes to store and deliver cookies.

Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread your business. It also uses the networks to receive orders and answer questions. Upload photographs of your delicious homemade biscuits and make everyone’s mouth water. Remember that food comes through your eyes and good images will boost your sales. Dare to have your own virtual store. With a little help, you can create a catalogue of homemade cookies for customers to enter your website, choose their favourites and ask them to give feedback and suggestions.

2. Candle Making

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Any individual can start candle influencing business as small-scale and part-time. To set up a candle factory, the first step is to investigate, learn new techniques, discover what are the best processes for buying raw materials and other peculiarities of the branch. Research about the factory, customers, competitors, suppliers, employees and others. It is important to know and listen to your customers, in order to serve better.

In this kind of business we will be needing handcrafted materials such as dyes, paraffin, scents, perfumes, molds, wick, stearin, trays, lubricants and a kitchen, it is recommended that the workplace be a sufficient space large enough for strong odors and large vapors to circulate that can release these types of products. Initially, you can start this type of work alone, but if your production is increasing you should hire work staff, always make sure your employees have an excellent care with chemical or flammable materials that can be used to cause an accident such as a fire or something similar.

It is necessary to define what kind of candles you want to produce. If you specialize, you will perfect your technique and therefore lower your production costs. Initially, you can start this type of work alone, but if your production is increasing you should hire work staff, always make sure your employees have an excellent care with chemical or flammable materials that can be used to cause an accident such as a fire or something similar. If you want to start successfully in a commercial market, your product must have promotions, discounts on prices, free samples, etc. All this will encourage the customer to visit your candle business and in this way, you can make a type of advertising that we have called word of mouth that is quite powerful and is also free

3. Cotton buds Manufacturing

Cotton buds or cotton swabs making business is the most lucrative business for beginners. While the market is controlled by some multinational brands, local brands are competing with a more helpful cost. In this way, the item has an expanding market demand all through the nation. What’s more, you can begin the business as a small-scale or medium scale business. Any person with little start-up capital can start this business as a locally situated too. Raw materials needed is cotton and plastic. You have to buy the equipment such as cutters, moulders and packing machines. Overall, the cost of equipment, raw materials and operational cost is not so high.

Right now, the cotton buds business is expanding. Besides, makers are differentiating their product on the basis of grown-up driven to infant and youngsters driven. Cotton buds are the consumable thing. Market your products locally and online to attract more customers.

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4. Invitation Card Manufacturing

Innovative minded people know that the demand for the invitation cards is never-ending. If you are trying to enter this segment, which has a very attractive market, you should know that the competition is high, but with good differentials when designing the invitations, you can stand out in the market, and achieve a very good amount of money. To make the invitations the first step is to have a knowledge of some type of graphics editing program. Corel Draw and Photoshop are the most common for this type of work. In addition to knowing how to manage programs well, it is important that you are always aware of the news in the medium, testing new forms and designs.

From birthday parties and family gatherings, weddings and meetings, invitation cards abound in the mailboxes throughout the year. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from the typical blank invitation to fill up to the luxurious paper adorned with enough decorations to last a lifetime. Purchase supplies such as an inkjet printer, a paper cutter, scissors, parchment paper, ribbons, ornaments, a hole punch, a ruler, a paper folder and die cut. Ask for small samples of different types of paper and organize them into folders according to print, colour or weight.

The equipment required is a printing machine which is not very expensive. Start actively promoting your business. If you have a showcase, plan an open day and promote it through the local community and its surroundings. Find some local newspapers and buy ads. Research websites and blogs that focus on event planning and check if you can buy an ad space. With the permission of the owner of a store, you can also place your business cards and samples of the invitations in the places that your target customers can visit.

5. Disposable cutlery Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

A disposable cutlery has numerous points of interest over ordinary porcelain/steel utensils. While regular utensils require resources, it must be cleaned when utilize and require a room for storing. But disposable cutlery is extremely modest compared to traditional utensils. The paper plates and bowls are made by combining two layers of good quality paper with a sheet of polyethene. The disposable cutlery can be of any shape or size. Disposable cups, glasses, saucers, and plates are picking up fame quickly. Because of the disposable nature, these are exceptionally valuable for providing food businesses too. With a straightforward machine, you can begin this business from home. Furthermore, the assembling business is easy and straightforward.

These items are utilized for serving eatables amid family works, dinner parties, desserts and so forth. A large portion of the sweet shops utilizes it for serving their clients with dry and in addition wet desserts/namkeens. The food providers use disposable paper plate amid gatherings and social capacities. These are a favourable substitution for earthenware and utensils. They can without much of a stretch be discarded after use and subsequently spare a considerable amount of work. These are effortlessly transportable and simple to deal with.

6. Handmade Chocolate Manufacturing

A homemade chocolate business requires learning of strategy and flavour, some fundamental hardware and an advertising intend to discover clients keen on the kind of chocolate you’ll make. In case you’re beginning a handmade chocolate-making business, you’ll most likely begin by pitching to your nearby or local market. Chocolates are consumed in many ways, from cookies to brownies, from pastries to candies. However, special attention should be given to the production phase of candies made from chocolate.

You have to be creative, organized, patient, and marketing to get started. If these features describe you, you can start to make chocolate at home and satisfy your sweetness and regularly increase your money in the bank. Making chocolate requires a certain temperature and timing since chocolate can easily burn.

Buy a commercial chocolate processing equipment. Your production volume will be easier with the mixing, cooking and cooling of the equipment that can handle the specific needs. Select the type of equipment to be adapted to the scale of the operation. If you want to limit your outlay in cash, consider upgrading the equipment now and buying the rest when your production needs an increase. Promote your business by giving free samples to customers, retailers and wholesalers. Set a competitive price for your product. Give some complementary products with your chocolates. Market it on social media platforms.

7. Soap Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Soap making is one of the most profitable micro-enterprises nowadays, this is because it is a low investment business with a high percentage of profits. There are many types of soaps, they can be for hands, body or facials (that’s what you choose). Raw materials required is oils and fats. The soaps have a base of fat and/or oil, which can be soda or caustic soda, or glycerin, which is then personalized with additional ingredients such as different combinations of essential oils, moisturizers and other additives. Soap making process involves two steps. First is making the base with fats and second is stamping after the final product is ready. Equipment required is plodder, miller, stamping and cutting machines.

Through market study, you will know the needs of your potential customers, their consumption habits and the competition. The study includes :

– Analysis of the offer: Identify how many similar businesses exist in the area, as well as the characteristics they possess.

– Analysis of the demand: It allows knowing the possible clients to establish the services that must be offered.

– Price analysis: Compare the prices of the competition.

8. Paper Bag Manufacturing

Paper bags making in various shapes and sizes is a most attractive opportunity for business visionaries in the world. These bags are quite simple and practical packages, which are often used to transport products in small quantities, such as food, medicine, plaster, cement, coal, etc. Also, they are very useful in other tasks of our day to day, which require a light, disposable and inexpensive packaging. To assemble a paper bag factory, equipment will be needed. In addition to the common office equipment, such as desks, chairs, computer, printer, telephone, the entrepreneur will have to invest mainly in the machinery responsible for the manufacture of bags. Therefore, it is required:

Machines that create bag models, Cutting machine, Machines to punch the handles to the paper bags, Paper bag manufacturing machine with a rectangular bottom and Compact machine for flexographic printing. All the employees that are operating the machines have to use all the necessary safety equipment, which are, gloves, helmet, glasses, aprons. It is very important that the entrepreneur takes the safety of the employees very seriously. Market your business by setting competitive prices, giving discounts and offers to wholesalers and retailers.

9. Bags Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Bag manufacturing is the most suitable business ideas for beginners. The demand for bags is huge, therefore the number of opportunities will be high. Before starting manufacturing, you must decide which is your target; that is, to whom are you going to sell? Determine the age and social class of the clients you will focus on. This information is crucial to the development of designs. Choose the material and colour as a particular part of society likes leather bags, some favour fabric and so on.

Start manufacturing your bags: put hands to work and manufacture each model in your workshop or factory. According to the market segment that you want to focus, make them in leather, suede, leather, simile leather, cloth, canvas or upholstery fabric, among other options. If necessary hire staff to help you manufacture your merchandise. Always consider quality, whether through material, workmanship and finishes. This will make your customers choose and trust your brand.

With so much demand for bags, factories should look for efficient ways to promote your product, secure contracts and build customer loyalty. All these measures have the effect on your market share and will provide greater benefits. But it is necessary to invest in quality and good prices that will result from cost reduction and the range of diversified products. All these initiatives are going to make the company a success.

10. Automobile Accessories Manufacturing

Automobiles industry is developing quickly all over the world. Car accessories range from cup holders to custom mats. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just car enthusiasts who often buy car accessories. Car accessories companies can be very profitable, especially those that manufacture licensed products. Although car accessories stores used to be physical stores, it is now very common for customers to shop for car accessories online. You can start your own auto accessories business in several ways, but to be successful you will have to carefully plan your new company.

Choose a niche market, there are many auto accessories businesses, so you will need to differentiate yours. This will also help make it easier to advertise the business and reach specific types of consumers. For example, you could decide to manufacture custom seat covers, license plate frames, luxury car accessories or sports cars. Publish your auto accessories business by placing ads in specialized magazines and websites, delivering flyers to complementary companies such as tire stores and vehicle aesthetics businesses, publishing information on social networks and online newsletters, as well as in local, printed directories and online.

11. Toys Manufacturing

Any individual can start toys manufacturing business with simple hardware and effortlessly accessible raw materials. Starting a business within the toy industry can be a challenge that requires a lot of effort and dedication, but selling a toy that has been the product of your imagination will reward all the time, effort and dedication to the project. The first thing is to search the internet for similar products, and see if your idea can be accommodated in the market. The second will be to visit the toy fairs where you can see all the news and have a much clearer idea of the market you will face. You can also contact the main manufacturers. Talk to them and keep your contact, you will need it in the future.

Customers want to buy toys that will be appropriate for their children’s bedroom rooms or playgrounds. You can write children’s names, birthday messages or special messages on toys. Your personal touch will appeal to both your children and your parents. Your personalized and customized toys will enable you to build strong ties between you and your products and will allow customers to talk to friends or family members about you. You have to choose the material and the age to be focused and even for the boys or girls, the target audience of the toy factory. Define the target audience of your products based on market studies, tracking what you want to achieve. One tip is to invest in toys for children between two and five years of age, more consumers, but also the most competitive niche, so you have to invest in good products and attractive packaging.

12. Stationery Items Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

There is a huge demand for stationary items for workplaces and schools. Documents, envelopes, pens, account books, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and so forth the list is overlong. In this way, the manufacturing of these units can be an incredible thought. This is a low investment business with high benefits. Pencils, shading, pen, eraser, sharpener, staplers, rulers, stick, notepad, compass are basic things required by children, students, adults and teachers. Aside from school and universities, these things are required in each and every business like offices, shops etc.

Select the target audience and the product you want to manufacture. You can select any item like rubbers, pencils or sharpeners at first and then can expand to other stationery items. Raw materials and equipment required to manufacture these products are not too costly. Advertising and marketing play an important role as competition in this business is high. Set competitive prices for products and offer discounts for wholesalers and retailers.

13. Furniture Manufacturing

One thing is common in all places around the world, that is Furniture. Furniture manufacturing is one of the business ideas which can never be out of demand. Wood furniture is the most used furniture in the world as it is cheap and reliable. The raw material you will need is wood and its derivatives, as well as instruments, equipment and other necessary elements. In terms of quality, this will be given by the use of better woods. Making furniture can be based on our active imagination, on a design professional or on a photo. You can also start receiving special orders from clients, which we can charge more expensive than the common ones.

Establish a distribution network if you are not going to sell the furniture in your home or your own store. You can create a local network by calling furniture outlets in your immediate area and organizing meetings with your managers. If your plans are more ambitious, get in touch with some companies with outlets throughout the country. You must be prepared for your meetings by offering attractive brochures and business cards.

Advertise in selected magazines and newspapers that will show your furniture in the best light. After starting the advertising, you will be able to request opinions of the furniture of the editors of these publications to give it more visibility. Target home design magazines if you have a high-end line of furniture and carpentry magazines do it yourself if your furniture is a bit more utilitarian.

14. Clothes Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Fashion is one of the few business sectors that best resists bad economic times or times of crisis. Starting a clothing business is a safe bet to have a successful and profitable business. If you want to start a clothing business created by you, it is best to make your own designs and collaborate with a dressmaker or dressmaker who sews your clothes or send them to a factory where you get a good price for making your clothes. You can also give the option to your customers to create custom clothing.

The first step to start the clothing business we propose is to determine the type of clothing you are going to make and sell. Once you have determined the type of clothing you are going to make and sell, and the brand that your garments will have, the time has come to design these, which you could do yourself by simply buying some clothes that you like from well-known brands and then pointing out the things that you would change, you would remove or add.

Buy the necessary equipment for your sewing business. This includes things like a sewing machine, needles of different sizes with thread, scissors and reels. You may also want to invest in cutting tables, tape measures, measuring sticks, pins and lining. Ensure that you have the labour and equipment necessary to meet the demand for orders that may arise.

Promote your brand by creating a web page where you can post images of your clothes, and indicate the places where consumers can find them or, in any case, simply create a page on Facebook, which in addition to allowing you publish images and information, it would allow you to attract followers to whom, over time, you could offer discounts or other promotions.

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15. Bread Manufacturing

You can begin your own bread manufacturing business and offer bread items to customers retailers. Bread manufacturing venture can be started at little scale and does not require major authorizing. The potential for selling delicious bread is unlimited. Sell your products to stores, restaurants, parties, neighbours, school activities, events, festivals, fairs, supermarkets and library events on a regular basis. Once you have regular customers who love your products, your business will generate the necessary momentum, which will continue as long as your bakery products continue to improve.

Buy the necessary equipment required for bread manufacturing which is not very costly. If you do not have knowledge of bread manufacturing, you can hire an excellent baker to carry out this important task. In addition to this, you will need one or two more people to take care of other complementary tasks of the preparation of the product, as well as someone in charge of the cleaning and the attention of the place. It can be considered as the most lucrative small-scale business.

16. Pillow Manufacturing

Making creative pillows to sell the first step is to define what you want to do since you must have the pillow style that will be the flagship of your business, and in the future, you can diversify your production, for now, you must have a single creative product for start. The new trend in this segment and that can perfectly adapt to your needs is the manufacture of pillows with prints of the customer’s mascot. Yes, it’s true, there are already several companies and ordinary people like you and me who produce this type of product to sell. The good thing is that pillows are made to order, so they are customized to the client’s taste.

Study the market and meet your potential customers. Read interior decoration publications, research current trends in online decoration and visit local fabric stores to see what factories are currently selling. Decide what styles and sizes of pillows you want to create and also if you want to venture into the manufacture of pillows specially designed for customers. Investigate the prices and production cost in order to determine how much you will charge for your pillows. You will have to take into account the cost of the materials, the time for the purchase of materials, labour costs, packaging, transportation, advertising and sales charges to arrive at a price per cushion that will begin (at some point) to generate a profit for your hard work.

17. Custom T-shirt Printing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

A customized T-shirt is presently in trends these days. You could start your own T-shirt printing business from your home with the assistance of t-shirt printing machine. Setup your online store on websites like Amazon and Flipkart then start taking requests for your customized T-shirts. Equipment required is a printing machine and some graphic designing.

There are numerous approaches to market your new t-shirt, but they all start with knowing the best purchaser for your t-shirt (age, sex, etc), where you can discover him/her, and putting your t-shirt in front of them. In case your target t-shirt purchaser is a secondary school student, market your t-shirt where secondary school students hang out on the web and off. Use cutting-edge technology as a competitive advantage. Surpass customer expectations by offering top-notch products at sensible costs with a top quality.

18. Candy Manufacturing

Candy manufacturing is one of the most popular business ideas. Children love candies, so why not start manufacturing them. In this business, profit lies in quantity, so it is advisable to keep your prices in check. If you are interested in starting a candy manufacturing business, you are likely to start selling in your local market. You may be surprised by the number of competitors you already have. So before you get too invested, research about other candy brands in your area, and what exactly what they are offering. Whether it’s jelly beans, chocolates or chewing gum, young and old in big metropolitan cities and small rural areas enjoy eating sweets. Candy manufacturing is a business that can be organized in many aspects, and it is a feasible company for new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Running a candy store can be exciting and profitable, but to succeed, you must carefully plan the start-up and growth of your business. Select a niche for your candy business. For example, you can specialize in the sale of organic sweets, gourmet chocolates, homemade confections, old-fashioned candies and nostalgic sweets.

19. Tissue Paper Manufacturing

Tissue paper making is one of the practical and feasible projects which has enormous profits with less investment. It is smarter to have a market surveying before going into the business. You should have essential and satisfactory data about tissue paper making business. You can make great utilization of comparable business proprietors, web, and national libraries and contacts. Low-scale manufacturing and extensive scale manufacturing both are conceivable in tissue paper making business. The main raw material for the manufacture of paper is cellulose, which is extracted from eucalyptus wood, but there is a whole process of preparing this material to become the paper we use every day. Since first the wood is cut and peeled, then that peel will be chopped, and then taken to a large tank in which it will be cooked and in which some chemical products will be inserted.

20. Spices Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Spices manufacturing and packaging are considered as a beneficial business in India. Any individual can begin spices business as little, medium and vast scale premise according to his or her venture limit. The first step is to define what will be produced since there are different types of home-made spices, so you should create a list by placing the spices you are going to make, but always research in your city which has the highest demand. For example, the most consumed is the parsley spice. But you can produce others such as cinnamon, ginger, saffron, oregano, turmeric, rosemary, cumin, garlic, peppers, among others. Choose to pack your spices in two or three quantities. Think about how most of your customers prefer to buy them.

Find a suitable place, both in size and infrastructure, for the manufacture of different spices. A real estate agent can advise you about it and can even give you information about if there is a factory that has fallen into disuse that you can take again. Since spices are anything but difficult to ship to remote areas, you can possibly expand incomes with an aggressive internet marketing.

21. Computer Accessories Manufacturing

Computers are presently all over the place and with the steady rise in official and general utility, the interest for accessories is additionally rising. A portion of the items that you can manufacture is the console, mouse, speakers, links, and so on. Raw material required is mostly plastic and rubber. Buy the necessary equipment required to start manufacturing. We are in the era of digital work, all self-employed and companies need computer equipment and an Internet connection to carry out their business and not be left behind in the race for survival. You can offer computer parts from a physical store, a web-based business store. Beginning any private company requires a business design and sufficient financing. Examine the competition. There is critical interest for computers, however, there is additionally no deficiency of providers.

22. Mobile Accessories Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

The numbers of mobile phone users are increasing daily at a rapid pace. With the increase in demand for mobile phones, the demand for mobile phone accessories has also increased, including mobile repair parts, battery chargers, batteries, mobile spreads, modem, mobile holders, earphones, availability gadgets, USB links, memory card, and so on. It requires low investment– This business doesn’t demand a large amount of investment. You can start manufacturing mobile phone accessories with a limited capital sum, and in the meantime win better benefits.

To get success in the market, you have to present something that isn’t as of now existing. New and unique items are mostly preferred by the customers. Raw materials required is rubber and plastic which are easy to acquire. Promote your products online to increase the reach of your business.

23. Recycled Plastic Manufacturing

Recycled Plastic manufacturing is one of the most straightforward and low-risk business presently. If you are committed to helping the environment and want to make extra money in the process, a plastic recycling business could be an excellent start for you. You have many options, depending on the amount of time, energy and money you want to invest in your business. You can start little by little, by collecting and outsourcing plastics processing to another company, or you can buy equipment for the treatment and do the processing yourself. Before you start, it is important to thoroughly investigate local manufacturers and determine if there is a demand for recycled plastics in your area.

The equipment needed to process the material depends on the area in which your recycling company operates. For example, if you recycle tires, it is necessary to have crushed, autoclaves and sieves. On the other hand, if you focus on bottles, you need a press, mill, extruder, crushed, classifiers, centrifuges and beaters. Marketing is a vital element for this business since as it is not an undertaking open to the general public, a campaign should be made with businesses that do sell at retail. Therefore, you will need a strong sales team to visit supermarkets, diapers, pharmacies, diapers, gyms and businesses related to what we produce.

24. Balloon Manufacturing

Beginning a business with balloons can be gainful and amazingly fulfilling. For a considerable length of time, balloon decorators around the globe have been fruitful in growing and keeping up the business. Raw material required is rubber. Hire a designer to design different types of balloons of different shapes and sizes. You have to complete an appropriate research of the market and its interest for the same. Elastic or rubber balloons are one of the least expensive toys for the little children and among the most loved toys as well. This gives an extraordinary opportunity for the balloon manufacturing business to develop in this focused market of the world. The diverse use of elastic balloons makes it simple to clarify the huge demand of the balloons in the market.

25. Earbuds Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

You can begin the business in both little scale and large scale. Since cotton earbuds are one of the everyday consumable things, its manufacturing is an awesome business proposition to start into. Cotton buds are a short shaft with ends covered with a retentive cotton cushioning. For the most part, individuals utilize the buds for different corrective and individual cleanliness undertakings, especially to clean the ear. Being a consumable thing, the demand for the cotton earbuds is persistent. Subsequently, this gives an extraordinary lift to the thought in regards to the manufacturing of cotton ear buds. Any person with little start-up capital can start this business too.

26. Hair Band Manufacturing

With the general population getting more aware about their trends and fashion, the business of hair band making has likewise expanded in both provincial and urban regions. Hairband making business is a lucrative and productive manufacturing thought that can be started as substantial scale or little scale.

A small workshop-factory that can be assembled in a room of your house is the space that is required to start manufacturing of the Hair Bands. Raw material required is rubber and metal. You have to buy some additional equipment for printing and moulding which is not very expensive. There are two kinds of hair bands, one is metal make and another is plastic make. You can start hair band making as little scale and even as locally established low maintenance business. To capture the market you have to create a quality item at a sensible cost. Introduce new and in vogue designs. Keep an eye on the market pattern and designs as it will help you to discover the essence of the clients.

27. Ladies Footwear Manufacturing

Ladies footwear manufacturing business is the most profitable business with huge demand. To set up a shoe factory, you must remember that the industry is experiencing a period of expansion and maturity. Our products have the capacity to compete with the international market in terms of beauty and quality of the shoes. The footwear-making process consists of two parts namely the manufacture of the upper and bottom. The process of making upper consists of activities of making patterns (design), making patterns with materials (pattern breaking, pattern cutting), skiving process of leather by using a machine set or knife manual set, folding, assemble the skin with a layer of fabric, and the last is finishing the upper.

Attract attention to your brand and your products using Facebook and Twitter. You can publish information about your brand with friends and family and ask them to share it in their own profiles. The more people know about the shoes you offer, the more likely it is that you create a demand for your products. Stay updated with the latest market trends and designs. Set up a solid presence in the local market.

28. Bakery Products Manufacturing

30+ Small manufacturing business ideas with low investment

Bakery items manufacturing is one of the most popular and risk-free business idea. Decide what kind of products you want to make. Most of the ovens only specialize in certain products such as bread or cakes and cookies, while others offer all kinds of pastry and their derivatives. If you want to present all the baked goods together, then nobody can hold you. You can, however, serve cake decorations, and order cakes for weddings and special occasions. Raw materials and equipment needed to start are not too expensive.

Design promotional products for your new bakery business and prepare a website. Print business cards, order forms and brochures. Design a website with your login details and logos and products. If you are offering special and different services, please also add them to your site. Use your logon on your labels, in your boxes and in your bags.

29. Fruit Juice Manufacturing

Starting a juice manufacturing plant to produce healthy drinks made using fruits and vegetables is a lucrative business idea. Construct a fruitful business by setting up an effective juice manufacturing plant that utilizes and hire staff who have a similar commitment you need to make a gainful business. You can begin with a particular item. Or on the other hand, you can build up a multi-fruit juice production plant. Certainly, if you begin with different varieties of juices, profits will be higher. The raw material required for this business is fruits which are effectively accessible all over the world. It doesn’t request complex manufacturing innovation. Promote your juices both online and offline to attract customers and make your brand popular.

30. Liquid Soap Manufacturing

Urban or rural, rich or poor, each house in this world need soaps to wash garments and dishes and it is utilized each day. You can start liquid soap creation unit as a small-scale business. Currently, liquid soaps have become very popular, which has replaced common bar soap. The main reason is that the liquid soaps are much more versatile because it can be used to clean different things like glasses, plates, clothes, machines, cars and any other surface. So everyone uses it, whether in their homes, offices, hotels and even in schools. Making the liquid soap is very simple and few elements are needed, so with knowledge and a little experience, you can make a good product. In case you did not know, the soap is made by making a combination of fats and oils with caustic soda (chemical product). Caustic soda is a solid white substance, which dissolves very quickly in water. This chemical is sold freely and is used for many things, so it will not be a problem to get it.

Remember to use known fragrances when making liquid soap. Beginning a manufacturing business is a smart idea. But it requires committed endeavours, careful arranging, and capital keeping in mind the end goal to be effective. Besides, one ought to be enthusiastic and committed towards their work to take such business higher than ever in progress.

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